SootheSleep: Sleep aid that promotes relaxation and restful sleep

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Experience peaceful nights with SootheSleep!

SootheSleep is a specialized sleep aid instrument that offers fast and effective relief for sleep-related issues. Designed to promote a tranquil and peaceful sleep environment, SootheSleep utilizes innovative technology and soothing techniques to help users fall asleep faster and enjoy a more restful sleep. By creating a serene atmosphere and utilizing gentle techniques, SootheSleep aims to provide a calming experience and improve overall sleep quality. Get yours today!

  Benefits of SootheSleep:

  • Faster and Deeper Sleep: SootheSleep helps you fall asleep faster and achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.
  • Reduced Anxiety and Stress: SootheSleep promotes relaxation, easing anxiety and stress, allowing you to unwind and find peace of mind.
  • Relief from Head Pain and Migraines: SootheSleep offers targeted relief from head pain and migraines, providing soothing comfort and aiding in pain management.
  • Enhanced Well-being: By improving sleep quality and promoting a sense of calm, SootheSleep contributes to overall well-being, helping you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day.

What are the consequences of poor sleep?

Poor sleep can result in daytime impairment, including mental fatigue, poor concentration, memory issues, and emotional disturbances. Long-term sleep problems can lead to dizziness, headaches, and tinnitus due to prolonged brain hyperactivity and reduced blood supply to the brain and inner ear. At this time, the blood supply to the internal auditory artery will also be affected, causing tinnitus, and so on. SootheSleep is the solution you were looking for. Grab yours now! 

Who is the right person to use a sleep aid?

  • Insomniac
  • Nightmare prone
  • People who have trouble falling asleep
  • People with poor sleep quality
  • People who are anxious and can't sleep 

Principle of product sleep aid?

CES micro current scientifically guides sleep. The SootheSleep uses CES microcurrent technology for safe, non-drug treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression by stimulating the brain's central nervous system through ear clip electrodes, regulating neurotransmitter secretion to improve sleep. Now sleep like a baby. Buy yours today! 

How to use SootheSleep?

  • Connect the other end of the earphone electrode wire to the sleep instrument host and install the gasket on the electrode piece of the ear clip.
  • Using saline, wet the gasket.
  • Put the ear clips to prevent the earlobe from being replaced ( the two ear clips are not divided into left and right ).
  • Long press the power button to start the sleep instrument, press any key to wake up, and the screen is in the off-screen mode. It will automatically shut down after 10 minutes without operating the host for a long time. 

Product internal configuration: Host * 1,Ear clamp working line * 1,Salt water bottle * 1,Type-c line * 1,Instruction * 1,Certificate of conformity * 1,Conductive cotton * 10. 

Ideal solution: SootheSleep provides fast and effective relief for sleep issues, reduces anxiety and stress, offers relief from head pain, and enhances overall well-being, ensuring you enjoy a restful sleep, wake up feeling refreshed and feeling better . What are you waiting for to order yours today?


  • Function: 3 modes
  • Battery life: more than 12h
  • Built-in battery capacity: 1200mAh-2000mAh (inclusive)
  • Input/output: DC 5V/1A
  • Charging time: 2H
  • Rated power: 1.5W
  • Duration of use: 30-60 times
  • Working current: 0.2A-1.3A
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh polymer 3.7V
  • Timing shutdown: 15m/20m/30m/45m
  • Pulse gear: 9-gear adjustment
  • Charging interface: Type-C
  • Light indication: the work indicator light is permanently on (green)
  • Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005 


  • Effect of use:

    • Utilizes physical micro-current for sleep assistance.
    • Initial effects may not be immediately noticeable.
    • Effectiveness varies based on individual conditions.
  • Battery:

    • Powered by a 1500mAh lithium battery.
    • Utilizes TYPE-C charging.
    • 3-hour full charge time.
    • Hours of standby time when fully charged.
  • Power display:

    • A red flashing work light indicates a low battery and the need for recharging.
    • Green flashing work light during charging.
    • Steady green work light when fully charged.
    • Note: Charging does not activate the product.
  • Gear adjustment:

    • Offers 9 gear settings.
    • Choose an appropriate gear according to personal preferences and needs.
    • Avoid excessively high gear strength to prevent adverse reactions (e.g., dizziness, nausea).
    • General recommendation: Use 3-5 gears for moderate strength.
  • Mode selection:

    • Three available modes: comfort mode, stimulation mode, and reinforcement mode.
    • Select the mode that best suits your specific needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Erwin Hodkiewicz

Lulls well) straight feeling that sways)))

Ernestina Lockman

Is it very good to meditate and sleep, a great product, I would like to know where can I buy more conductive cotton and saline solution?

Nathen Borer

SootheSleep: Sleep aid that promotes relaxation and restful sleep

Adelbert Auer

SootheSleep: Sleep aid that promotes relaxation and restful sleep

Yessenia Blick

Very fast delivery!! My wife tried it and she mentioned her tinnitus was not as bad after 20 minutes. Not cured but brought the noise dawn quite a bit. Although it's not what it's supposed to do, that is what she noticed.