SafeScream : Noise-cancelling protection

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Empower yourself with SafeScream -The ultimate personal safety companion that unleashes a powerful sound, keeping you protected and confident wherever you go!

SafeScream: Your trusted guardian in the palm of your hand. This compact and powerful personal alarm emits a deafening 130dB sound, instantly deterring potential threats and ensuring your safety.

Benefits of using SafeScream:

  • Instant protection: With a powerful 130dB sound, SafeScream provides an immediate deterrent, alerting others and scaring off potential threats.
  • Portable peace of mind: Compact and easy to carry, SafeScream ensures you have personal safety at your fingertips wherever you go.
  • Versatile defense: SafeScream is suitable for people of all ages and can be used in various situations, providing a sense of security and confidence. 

SOS function:

Here's how SafeScream can save your life:

  • Empowers personal safety.
  • Enhances self-defense capabilities.
  • Fosters independence.
  • Lound Sound 130dB  Elderly Emergency Call Machine 

Suitable For Elderly/Women/Child

 SafeScream has the potential to change lives by enhancing personal safety, increasing self-defense capabilities, and fostering empowered independence, providing individuals with the tools and confidence to navigate the world with greater peace of mind. It's suitable for everyone: The elderly, Women, and children. 

 Small And Convenient, Easy To Carry.

 Small, convenient, and easy to carry making it a very good device for your self-defense. 

USB Recycling Charging:

Volume: 130db
Charging: Type-C
Battery: 3.7V 130mAh
Alarm time: 70 minutes
Product model: AF-2004
Lighting time: 240 minutes
Lighting function: LED light
Bling Lighting Time: 300 minutes
⏺Product size: 99mm*31mm*13.5mm

Charging sources: car charger/Mobile Power/Computer/USB Charging

Take full advantage of our SafeScream:

⏺Flashlight function: Turn on the lighting light at night to protect you

⏺High decibel alarm: 130DB alarm to protect property and protect your safety.

⏺ Integrated Design: Integrated design structure, which is more firmly resistant to falling.

⏺Circular charging: Built-in battery Type-C charging port, charging is convenient, no need to replace the battery.

⏺ Reminder of low electricity: When the electricity volume of the alarm is too low, the LED lights flicker and make a "DIDI .." sound.

⏺ Charging reminder: The red light is often on during charging, and the green light is often on when it is full.

Alarm Reaches Up To 1000ft Away
Equipped With High-Intensity LED Lights
Military-grade Durability & Weatherproof
365-day Battery Life


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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Maybell Gleichner


Murl Grant

Well received. Thank you. Please thrive.
I hope you have nothing to use for effect.

Orin Kunze

I bought it for my girlfriend, as a pepper spray is a specific thing, because you still need some kind of courage to spray it into the offender, and there is always a chance of a miss. And this thing is a completely different matter. As for me, 10/10 for my money. Yelling so that the whole area will most likely think that a nuclear war has begun. But seriously, a really obligatory thing for girls/women. Very loud, and plus a flashlight that can be turned on separately from the alarm. Thank you so much

Pat Nitzsche


Erwin Denesik

Absolutely excellent quality. And the noise would chase away anyone. The shipping extremely fast. I highly recommend the goods and the seller.