Women love to wear trendy or elegant accessories to complement their look. Different brands, including us, offer novel bags, jewelry, shoes, watches, and other fashion accessories catering to their taste. However, choosing the right accessory that enhances the appearance is an art. At Mag & Doudy, we provide chic and classy items that elevate women's style quotients. Here is an insight into our offerings for women's fashion:


Mag & Doudy has a gorgeous jewelry collection of women's necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings. Each jewelry piece is uniquely crafted and elegant and enhances the beauty of the wearer. Our range of women's necklaces are versatile wear and serve as thoughtful gifts to lady love. Some of our best sellers are:

Lovelock Necklace: This necklace has two overlapping hearts in the middle of the chain. The buyers can customize the box color, metal hue, and engravings. They can get their names or dates engraved on these hearts. This necklace comes in a beautiful red, green, pink, or blue box and is available in steel, rose gold, or gold.

My Heart Necklace: This is one of the most beautiful women's necklaces. It contains a heart-shaped crystal of red or blue hue, detailed with engravings and small diamonds in a wavy pattern. Buyers can choose this steel necklace in silver or golden for their mother, sister, or partner.

Crystal Healer Necklace: This jewelry piece contains a rectangle-shaped, small turquoise, gray, or pink energy-charged quartz pendant strung in a golden chain. Wearing it brings peace, good vibes, and positive energy, fostering loving and harmonious connections. Individuals can buy for themselves or their loved ones.

Our selection of women's necklaces extends to include a pearl double choker, heart of pearl, silver cross pendant necklace, zirconia pendant set, and other captivating pieces.


We offer an exceptional collection of women's watches in different styles, materials, hues (rose gold, steel, golden, or dualtone), and shapes. The collection ranges from technologically advanced stylish pieces to timeless metal watches. Popular ones include Rose Sparkle, HarmonyLink, Glimmerose, and dual-toned Glamourista.


We have a diverse collection of bags that cater to women's different needs. The collection includes stylish and multipurpose backpacks, spacious handbags, and practical, colorful, and trendy purses. The ChicCross bag, JetSetGo, Multi-layer Chic, multi-functional hombre, Chic Carryall, and Capacacious Chic are popular purses and handbags.

ChicCross Bag: This sleek, compact, and chic bag has an irresistible charm that elevates women's fashion game. It is an excellent blend of functionality and sophistication, featuring a solid color (white/green), design, and convenient buckle closure. Women can organize their stuff in this perfect daily-use accessory.

JetSetGo: This stylish and versatile travel bag is available in three attractive colors—purple, black, and blue. It is durable and lightweight and features zip closures and side and front pockets for multiple items. This highly functional bag allows easy packing and hassle-free travel.

Chic Carryall: This is a shoulder bag with a spacious interior that accommodates a woman's daily essentials and allows her to carry them everywhere. Available in four colors, it goes with any outfit and is one of the most sold purses and handbags.


Our fashionable footwear selection comprises stylish, colorful, and comfortable sneakers, sports shoes, wedges, beach sleepers, flat bellies, sandals, and other shoes. The diverse footwear serves different purposes for women. For example, multi-colored AirLite Hoops are feather-light, ultra-responsive basketball shoes that help enhance performance in the game. At the same time, SoftSole HighTops shoes, made with genuine leather, and ChicFeet Sandals provide a fashion-forward look in casual outings. The BeachClouds are lightweight platform slippers available in black and soft colors. They are perfect for lounging.

Other Fashion Accessories:

The above-mentioned women's accessories range is not exhaustive. Mag and Doudy also offers numerous other select items, including bikinis, body shaper briefs, high-waisted leggings, sunglasses, trendy bracelets, a tracksuit, and a cotton linen suit. By adding these, women can enhance their wardrobe, comfort, and look quotient.

Wrapping up:

When exploring the world of accessories, women should remember that the key to a magnetic appearance lies in understanding the harmony between your accessories and your outfit—Mag and Doudy endeavors to provide aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional accessories at the best price. Women can step up their fashion game or maintain an elegant look by using our offerings, including women’s necklaces and bags, regularly or occasionally. They can check our latest and affordable selection at our website, order them, use them, and stay stylish and class!

Emma Watson
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